August Beginning As A Caregiver

Caregiver BeginningIt’s a new month and it’s August. The sunshine feels just right. The wind feels just right. Why not have a august beginning as a caregiver? Regardless of where you are in your caregiver journey, whether you are currently caregiving, or cared for someone in the past, or you do not know it yet but you may become a caregiver soon. It is time to rejoice, let yourself go and feel good about yourself. Here are some great things I rediscovered recently with the help of my loved one.

1) Sunrise or Sunset – Whatever your calling, whatever you feel closer to, take your favorite person in the world along or go by yourself and enjoy a sunrise or your sunset depending on what your schedule permits.

2) Repeat – If you enjoyed your 2 minutes or 10 minutes or whatever time you could afford watching the sunrise or sunset, make it a habit to repeat.

3) Cold shower – Have a cold shower either before going for the sunrise or sunset or after. Apart from being very therapeutic, you will enjoy the rejuvenation. Depending on your schedule, take 2 minutes or 10 minutes of your time.

4) Breathe – Do a deep breathing exercise after the shower. Take your time and be patient. An average person cannot hold their breath more than 20-30 seconds. So if you take a few deep breaths, we are talking about 2-3 minutes at tops.

5) Walk – Take a walk inside the house or in the yard with bare feet while touching the ground. It is a very soothing feeling. If you are in Alaska or Antarctica or feel like you are, then walk indoors just for a bit.

6) Water – Have a BIG glass of water while feeling it go down your neck and till your stomach. Capture that moment as you feel all your senses at work.

Now you can get back to what you were doing. This is very doable. All these activities can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes at most. That is time you deserve for yourself as a caregiver. Think about the patient. The better rejuvenated you are, the better care you can provide. Try to fit this into your schedule somehow. Maybe you have a friend who can watch the patient for 30 minutes or maybe if you have someone who comes over and gives the patient a bath or food. Try the routine and it will do wonders for you and the patient.

All the BEST and thanks for all you do as a caregiver.

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