Caregivers Intelligent Ways To Survive

Care and Survive IntelligentlyWorld is a beautiful place, we live in it! World is also a very ugly place. There is a balance one has to strike to care and survive successfully. Here are top 10 ways based on life experiences. Nowadays there are several one-liners you can find with constant words of inspiration and wisdom. This list takes those into account and builds upon them.

10. Do NOT do charity at home in silence, there is NO evidence. Advertise your caring for your own protection.

9. People lie. Do good anyways. Gather evidence of their lying and use it only if they use lies against you.

8. Stereotypes are hard-set. Be a maverick with caution and keep evidence to protect yourself first.

7. Truth is a lonely path. Lead wisely.

6. People cheat and fraud. DON’T let sympathy fool you. Report it to authorities lest they use it against you.

5. Honesty is overrated and superficial; hypocrisy is the norm. Know this gruesome reality.

4. Justice, Morality, Ethics, Legality, Conscience. Understand the difference among them for your own sake.

3. Survival of the fittest. Certain barbaric traits are renamed as ‘civilized’ but the original saying still holds true.

2. Follow your fragile heart with consequences. Your soul will be happier when it passes on to the next world.

1. Love is simple, beautiful and human. Trust someone who trusts you.

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